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Aerial Videography and Aerial Photography Company Resources

If you are looking for a great aerial photography company for any reason, you need to know the difference in the many different types of aerial photography and videography that are available to you. Also, it is important to keep in mind the reason you need an aerial photographer when looking in to a job. Below are the basic types of aerial photography and videography to help you get a sense of what you need:

1. Kite Aerial Photography - This method provides a quiet atomosphere which is neighbor friendly and produces decent results. The downside to kite aerial photography is that it is reliant on the wind, which we all know how unpredictable the weather can be. Also, the amount of control the photographer has over the shot is limited.

2. Balloon Aerial Photography - Again, very quiet and still produces decent results. In this case, the wind may play a damaging factor in trying to take an accurate shot. This is ideal for non-windy and quaint neighborhoods. However, the accuracy may not be as efficient however balloon aerial photography is very affordable.

3. Helicopter Aerial Photography - Perfect for accuracy. Whether you need aerial photography or aerial videography, you can count on the accuracy that a helicopter provides. The cost can be very expensive however and the noise may make neighbors unhappy. This is better suited for large landscapes and not for residential neighborhoods.

4. Unmanned Radio Controlled Helicopter Aerial Photography and Videography - The perfect all around solution for most individuals who have aerial photography and videography needs. This type of aerial photography provides a much quieter atmosphere but still provides the dead-on accuracy that a manned helicopter provides. This option is great for real estate agencies, Vinyards, landscaping, surveying, construction, marketing needs, and just about any use available for an aerial photographer and/or aerial videographer. Also this is an extremely affordable avenue to take and can potentially save you a lot of money.

Whether you need a Portland Oregon Aerial Photography company or a San Francisco California Aerial Photography company, keep in mind your surroundings and choose based on your needs. Keep open to the many different kinds of Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography. Be sure to look for three things when choosing an aerial photographer:

1. Price - Make sure the service you are looking in to fits in to your budget. There are many of aerial photography companies out there. Make sure you get the one that fits your financial needs.

2. Quality and Accuracy - Be sure to make sure the method you choose is very accurate or your photos or video may not turn out as you would like them too.

3. Impact - When working in neighborhoods, loud noises of large machinery may cause an issue. Also large helicopters (unlike the radio-controlled ones) whip up a lot of dust and can blow over bushes. This may be unsuitable for your needs.

So be sure to look in to your options to find the aerial photography company and the aerial photographer you need.


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